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Our Vision

 The vision of the Ukuqonda Institute is to promote excellence in the fields of Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology at all education levels in Southern Africa.

 The overarching perspective informing the vision of Ukuqonda is that learning should provide for sense making, promotion of conceptual understanding and the development of valuable know-how and strategic skills.

 This “formative education” vision is in stark contrast with the prevailing view of schooling as an industry to produce marks that can be used as evidence of achievement by learners, teachers, schools, education departments, government. The formative education vision induces the interpretation of curriculum content in terms of identifying significance and purpose of content, critical and key understandings, application of knowledge, and ways in which specific content can be utilised to develop general disciplinary practices, skills and habits.


Scope of Work

 The Ukuqonda Institute is a South African based not-for-profit organisation and registered public benefit organisation that is involved in the teaching and learning of Mathematics, Physical Science, Technology and Language in:
  • the General Education and Training (GET) Phase
  • the Further Education and Training (FET) Phase
  • post grade 12 bridging between FET and Tertiary Education
  • academic support to university students in science and engineering
  • the national certificates in Engineering taking post-grade 12 learners up to N3 level

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