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Technical Preparedness Programme

A Technical Preparedness Programme (TPP) for post matric learners from the North West and Limpopo Province and a second group of unemployed young adults from the immediate area. These learners participates in a full time one year programme offered at the TPP Campus (Mooinooi) with the aim to allow them the opportunity to gain access to different learnership programmes. Learners are registered and enrolled to complete the full N1 and N2 Electrical/Mechanical Technology qualification, in addition to Computer Skills, English & Communication Skills, Hand Craft & Art as supplementary classes.


Technology Education Programmes

A program of Saturday and vacation activities and classes for selected Grade 8 to 12 learners. The project is aimed at providing an out-of-school supplementary education programme with a focus on Mathematics, Physical Science, Technology and English language proficiency. The program further includes aspects of mechanical, electrical and civil technology, drawing, art and craft, environmental and socio-economic awareness, local history and geography and nutrition.

Added to this is a week day programme for Grade 10 and 11 learners which includes N1 Engineering Drawing and Electrical/Mechanical/Civil Technology, by means of four afternoon sessions a week.