• The Ukuqonda Institute ( 3 Articles )

    The vision of the Ukuqonda institute is to promote excellence in the field of mathematics and physical science education at all school levels in southern Africa.

    Specifically, learners need to be led to pursue mathematic/science (including real-life) problems and questions with a view to produce solutions and answers which make sense to them. This means that learners need to be weaned from the predominant current learning culture of simply trying to establish what actions the teacher wants them to perform, without any real attempt to make sense of questions and problems or the logic and purpose of the actions; and thoughtless practising of demonstrated processes while remaining dependent on the teacher to inform them whether their working and end-results are correct (“rote learning”).

    We are a non-profit organization - a Title 21 company, registration no 2006/026363/08

  • The state of education ( 2 Articles )

    Education systems are under stress in many parts of the world. Due to the complexities of culture and society it is very difficult, if not impossible, to analyse and articulate the nature and causes of these stresses, let alone to design good remedies, to any appreciable extent.

    Yet we have to try to get some grasp on the complexity, and continually re-examine our partial understanding critically. We have to act educationally on the basis of our partial understandings, and continually monitor the effects of our actions.

  • The Team & Governance ( 1 Article )

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